Real organic hemp leaf soap

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Suitable for men and women Rejuvenate skin to look new again Acne scars, dark red spots, inflamed acne, pimples

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Organic Hemp Leaf Soap is a premium aloe vera soap that is suitable for all skin types. The main raw materials are imported from Korea. Main Component Organic Aloe Vera Glycerin Coconut Oil Propylene Glycol Cocamidopropyl Betaine Potassium Cocoate Organic Aloe Vera from Korea. Precious Aloe Vera Extract Grown using organic methods resulting in a safe extract No chemicals and imported from Korea. Used to reduce acne and reduce inflammation of acne is excellent. It also helps strengthen skin naturally Glycerin is a moisturizer. This protects the skin from drying out and helps absorb moisture when exposed to air, causing the skin to become clammy. It is gentle on the skin, helps remove deep-seated dirt, does not clog pores. as well as being safe for the skin Coconut oil contains lauric acid which has the property of killing bacteria that cause acne inflammation like pacne. (Propionibacterium acnes. It also helps heal wounds caused by bruises, peeling, and pimples. It also helps keep skin looking younger, softer, and smoother, moisturizes, and reduces skin dryness. Makes skin look younger Helps prevent melasma and freckles And coconut oil also has excellent properties to moisturize the skin. with outstanding properties Can protect the skin from sunlight, wind, dust and is rich in important nutrients. which can help nourish and repair cells Rejuvenate skin cells to be strong. has returned alive Propylene Glycol, one of the most commonly used cosmetic ingredients, has properties that transport and retain moisture better than regular water and is also well absorbed by the skin. Cocamidopropyl Betaine, a compound found in coconut oil. improves the effectiveness of detergents Low irritation, very fine vesicles. Put in products like baby shampoo, baby shower cream frequently. Potassium Cocosate is a compound of potassium dioxide and coconut oil, making it a very lathering soap. Detailed and high cleaning efficiency.

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    Die Seife ist sehr Gut. Nach 2 Wochen hat sich schon vieles im Gesicht verbessert. Ich kann sie nur weiterempfehlen.

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

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